Upcoming Web Optimization Trends to Prepare for

Do you know what to prepare for to keep your website optimized? Keep reading to discover upcoming web optimization trends you should prepare for now.

Optimizing for User Intent

While keywords still have importance, search queries are becoming more complex. Users are more frequently entering full phrases and queries. In an effort to serve users better, search engines have improved at identifying user intent. Moving forward, brands will need to ensure their content is optimized for user intent instead of specific keywords. This means considering what users are actually searching for when entering queries. To meet the needs of consumers, brands will need to tweak their content to ensure it reflects their target audience’s experience. Content cannot remain static to be effective. Brands will also need to stay on top of their analytics to discern what is working and what is not working and then make changes accordingly.

Using Structured Data Markup

Website owners will need to increase their usage of structured data markup, also sometimes known as schema markup, to achieve enhanced search engine results listings. Structured data markup can be quite helpful in assisting search engines in understanding the purpose of website content, thus displaying information in a manner that is most useful for readers. With the use of structured data markup on websites, brands can also increase the likelihood of having their content featured as a knowledge panel.

Incorporating Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-channel marketing and multichannel marketing should never be confused. While multichannel marketing refers to cultivating a presence on multiple platforms, cross-channel marketing refers to the use of several different channels in order to market in a more integrated manner. In many ways, cross-channel marketing acts as an extension of multichannel marketing. When handled properly, cross-channel marketing makes it possible to develop a consistent brand presence across several channels, ensuring that users are able to move in a seamless manner between platforms and devices.

Mobile Optimization

In the last couple of years, brands have witnessed increased focus on mobile growth. As a result, it has now become imperative for brands to ensure their websites are mobile ready. Traffic is shifting away from desktop usage at lightening speeds, and many brands are now reporting that the majority of their traffic comes from mobile devices. In response, Google has now taken steps toward placing a priority on a mobile-first approach. If you have not already optimized your website for mobile usage, there is no time to delay. Mobile optimization is no longer just a luxury. It is now mandatory for SEO strategies.

Preparing for Voice Search

Is your website ready for voice search? While the concept of voice search is certainly not new, it is now a rapidly growing search option. Offering a fast, hands-free way to retrieve information, voice search is the way of the future. With massive improvements to voice search technology being made, website owners would be wise to begin thinking beyond text-based searches and the best way to optimize their website for voice search.